13-06-2019Work in progress...

We are very motivated with this new project.

Once we have our first map we will share a video and show what this project is all about.

20-07-2018Pinball stopped, new one on the road

Sadly the pinball game was taking more time than planned so we left it stand by.

In the other hand we have been "cooking" in the last months a new project in wich we are very motivated.

At first glance nothing original, a warfare FPS with deep storyline. While we keep developing this project we will let you know more about some interesting features even in this over exploited genre.

15-09-2017New project progress

We are developing a pinball game and here is our first test table.

08-08-2017Galactic Elite re launched for FREE

Yes! now you can download Galactic Elite for FREE for Windows and Linux!

Check out the games section!

22-04-2017Yet another site redesign

Long time has passed and we thought it was time to do it. Still unpolished but functional.

And yes we're "Still Alive" looking for free time to continue developing games.
Currently working on a pinball game we thought there aren't many out there nowdays and will be fun and relative fast to develop.